During lunch, I just listened to a podcast episode about relationships. It’s mostly about love relationships but it soon got clear that much of the principles are relevant in business relationships as well.

Like this one: unspoken expectations are relationship killers.

That’s exactly why I’m currently working on a personal Miro board, visualizing what the people I work with can expect from me in my current role as a Product Owner. It contains things like:

  • What I offer to do
  • what I don’t do
  • what I’m currently doing but think I actually shouldn’t…
  • what’s important to me in my job

Polyamorie ist, wenn man mehrere Menschen liebt. Das ist zumindest die kurze Version der Definition.

Sind dann nicht die meisten Menschen polyamor? Wir lieben vielleicht unsere Eltern, unsere:n Partner:in, unsere Kinder, und unsere richtig guten Freund:innen lieben wir doch auch irgendwie. Alle auf eine andere Art. Aber die Liebe zum ersten Kind wird nicht weniger, sobald das zweite auf die Welt kommt. Liebe ist keine endliche Ressource.

“Ja sorry aber das ist doch was anderes als Polyamorie oder?” denkst du dir jetzt vielleicht. Ja okay, bei Polyamorie geht es um Liebesbeziehungen, um die romantisch-emotional-erotische Art von Liebe. Aber eigentlich gelten…

Should product managers be able to write code and build products on their own? Is it necessary to study computer science if you want to become a product manager? These are common questions and I am going to explain in this article, why I am not learning to code, at least not yet.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

About me

I started working as a product manager in 2015, after organizing tech conferences like droidcon Berlin. In the first weeks of my job as a project/product manager at Evenly, a consultancy that builds high quality apps for clients, I started learning to code because I thought that’s…

First I feel a strong resistance. Then I decide to do something else, probably sorting e-mails or doing the laundry. Then I open the fridge, stare at what’s inside and close it again. Afterwards, I try again.

Creative work can be relatively easy once you started your task, but getting into a productive creative state is often really hard.

In this interview, my former professor Stephan Sonnenburg talks about creative rituals. He says, to be creative, we need to break out from the ordinary and set out towards new ideas. Having certain rituals allows us to get into a creative…

“What’s your favorite product?”, he asked. It struck me immediately — this must be a typical question that you need to think about before the interview. I had not prepared an answer to this question. So I quickly checked my phone, looked at the app icons on my homescreen and decided for the To-Do app that I use. As it turned out, this wasn’t the best choice. Later in this post, I’ll tell you why…

This is just one situation where I learned something about job interviews and hiring processes, especially related to product management positions. In this article I…

Yesterday, while running, I had two thoughts that somehow seemed connected.

  1. You’re never done with learning. I think one of the worst situations regarding interpersonal relationships, is to mentally shut down and assume you’re on top of a certain topic and know everything about it that there is to know.
  2. You can’t control everything. When you’re setting a goal, there’s still the chance that circumstances prevent you from pursuing it the way you had imaged. …

This is the last part of my blogpost series “7 aspects that improve the UX of your app”. The previous post was about accessibility.

OS features are a big reason why we build apps instead of just mobile websites. They can provide a much better experience.

Some examples of useful features:

  • control center (for example when you have a music stream in your app it should be possible to play/pause the stream in the control center)
  • push notifications
    deeplinks (when users share content from your app, this should open the exact content in their friends app)
    always check out new features of the operating systems, there are…

This is topic number 6 from my blogpost series “7 aspects that improve the UX of your app”. The previous post was about object-oriented UX.

Making your app accessible is important because you want to make it usable for people with disabilities. You probably already have that in mind. However, i want to remind you that there is also „situational disability“ and that the number of users, who benefit from your efforts in making the app accessible, is much higher than you might think.

For example, when you design your app to be used easily with one hand, you’re not…

This is blogpost number 5 in my series “7 aspects that improve the UX of your app”. The previous post was about personalization.

Object-oriented UX is a concept i learned about this year, when i attended two talks by Sophia V. Prater. In short, it is about designing objects before actions and about considering how our brains work. You should read this article or watch this video to get more detailed information about it by Sophia, who developed that concept/principle.

A design is intuitive when it behaves how a user expects it to. Well, what do users expect? …

This is blogpost number 4 of my series „7 aspects that improve the UX of your app“. The previous post was about different navigation styles.

context aware design: delivering the right information to the user at the right time (source)

We are all different, so why should the apps we use behave the same towards everyone? An interesting aspect in mobile UX is personalization. It focuses on creating experiences that adapt to the user. Similar to adaptive design which adapts to different devices, personalized UI adapts a layout to a person. …

Anna-Lena König

Product Owner for mobile apps at Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. Runner, tech enthusiast, photographer, music lover. Blogging on www.blogbleistift.de since 2008.

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